2 cars, 10 surfboards, 9 wetsuits, 2 boxes of wax, 6 groms, and lots of sunscreen. This is the most simple way to summarize our most recent WOW Grom Weekend. Once every year the World Surf League brings the top men and women surfers to Lowers Trestles for the Hurley Pro. This event is consistently one of the most exciting and highly anticipated events on the World Tour of Surfing. Thousands of fans – surfers, non-surfers, locals, internationals, families and surf industry workers all descend on this iconic skate-park of a surf break. We decided it would be a perfect opportunity to invite some of our surf campers to come join us at the San Clemente Inn for a weekend of Bible-studies, surfing, serving, and crazy antics.

The Groms arrived on Friday after school and we headed down to the beach for a sunset surf session. Our good friend Bethany Hamilton was out ripping – working on her frontside airs. The next day we got to the contest at6am to surf before the heats started. In the first mens’ heat of the day we rooted on our other friend Filipe Toledo, who put on a dominant performance. We had great seats, but a few of our groms felt the need to sneak into the VIP area. Once inside the VIP lounge one of the boys was stopped by a Hurley official. He saw the makeshift bracelet on his wrist and instead of kicking him out, the Hurley official chuckled and decided to give him an All-Access Pass. This pass got him into the Athlete section and even the lockers! The methods were odd, but God totally blessed this little grom – who was ecstatic out of his mind! The next day we went back down to Lowers. The contest was off for the day, which gave us the perfect opportunity to surf our brains out!

It was a epic weekend, with many adventures, lots of laughs and a few sunburns. During our last meal together one of the boys mentioned how God taught him the biggest lesson of his life. Another grom said that while he was in the water he started praying for people. He explained that as he prayed for people a perfect wave would come right to him. He did this for his entire session, and came out of the water amazed at how God had given him so many great waves!