2 Corinthians 5:7 WE LIVE BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT.

Living by Faith can only be done supernaturally.  It often goes against common sense, and it is contrary to the ways of the world.  Still, living by faith is God’s design for us, and the true path to joy and peace.

I loved finding a note in my Bible that says “Faith chooses to believe God’s word above the evidence of the senses.  It made me think of Derek Rabelo’s story, and how his life can be such a great picture of what it means for all of us to live by faith.  Each time this blind man enters the ocean to go surfing, he does physically what God asks each of us to do spiritually.

Most of us are blessed to live with five healthy senses.  Admittedly, it can be harder to live by faith the more comfortable our life is.   We tend to depend on our own resources to get though our days.  Removing any of our senses, or the things that bring us security can shake us to the place where we run to the Lord in desperation.

Can we learn to live with such a dependence, even desperation for God every day?  Can we remember that we actually depend on Him for every breath that we breathe, and place each day before Him in faith?

Our daily needs, hopes, and plans must be held on to loosely as our first priority is keeping in relationship with God.  Faith does not deny circumstances; rather it believes God’s Word and follows His ways in the midst of them.

Keep your eyes on Jesus as you walk through your days.  He will be faithful to the end, and is altogether worthy of your trust.