At Walking On Water Surf Camp this last summer, Nick, Chad and Clay – along with the rest of the camp – received a challenge from Bryan Jennings to take a step of faith and find a mission trip to be a part of. Chad recounts, “Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 28:19 to go out into the world and make disciples, so that was going to be the next huge step in my Christian life.” After hearing this message, and being encouraged by their camp counselor, Sheadon Ringor, the three boys decided to take that challenge to heart, and pursue that next step of faith. The results were “immeasurably greater than we could have asked or imagined” (Ephesians 3:20).

“Even though we could not speak Spanish very well that language barrier disappeared when we went surfing with the kids. We would tell a couple kids that we were going to surf later and when we would get out in the water there would be just a few of us, then within 30 minutes there would be a whole mob of little kids laughing and surfing with us out in the line up.” –Nick Coons on his experience in El Salvador with Walking On Water

Chad, a great surfer and natural leader, was used by God to build relationships with the youth of El Zonte, El Salvador, both in and out of the water. His response was this, “It made me appreciate the path that God has for me; to use my surfing for spreading the word of the gospel. The trip impacted me that God has so much in store for me.”

Clay, a great surfer as well, with a humble and determined desire to serve God and love others, reflects on the trip, “This missions trip has allowed me to realize that God uses you in amazing ways that you would never realize. This trip really changed my mind set on life and made me want to be all in serving God.”