The Walking On Water/AMG International mission team has returned safely and with much excitement and encouragement at the work being done abroad. Our team consisted of 21 Southern California natives sent out on a mission to spread the powerful love of Jesus Christ to the people of El Zonte, El Salvador.

Each day would generally consist of rising early for the magnificent sunrise over the ocean, which El Zonte borders. A surf session, breakfast, individual devotional time, and then we were off across the river for an exhausting few hours of Vacation Bible School. There was an average of 50-60 kids each day at the Vacation Bible School. This year’s theme was finding strength in the Lord and allowing Him to help us overcome our fears. After the Vacation Bible School our team would eat lunch, and then some would surf with the locals until sunset or sunburn kicked in, while others would play games on the beach with the non-surfing locals. Three Walking On Water Surf Campers came on the trip and were used by the Lord in incredible ways to build relationships with the local youth surfers. The boys fixed tattered surfboards and handed out clothes they had brought; they were truly lights of Christ’s love. The day would close with dinner at a local restaurant, team devotional, and much needed sleep.

A huge thank you to all of our prayer warriors, and to the companies who helped sponsor our Christian Surfers/Walking On Water Surf Contest: Z-Flex Skateboards, Cobian Sandals, RUE, Billabong, and On A Mission. A specific thank you to Beautiful Feet and Cobian Sandals for providing 200 sandals, which were handed out to local women as our team members gave pedicures.

Finally, the biggest shout out to Amy Giffin, our dear friend, team member and sister in Christ who has Cerebral Palsy, but who also surfed for the first time while in El Zonte!