It is absolutely incredible to see what God will do when we are willing to take the first small step of faith. I had no idea what God would do through our small surf camp we hosted twenty years ago! God truly is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! At our leadership retreat in Kauai a few months ago, I was sharing about all that God has done and how HE has worked! We have simply stopped to listen and inquire of the Lord, and as we He leads, we have stepped out in faith. As we step out in faith, He then leads even more clearly, and we see HIS blessings!

The first camp had ten students attend, and since then thousands of campers have attended the Walking On Water Surf Camps over the past 20 years! It has been an honor to share the sport we love, and more importantly our faith in Jesus Christ with this generation! We look forward to many more years of surf camps in many countries, movie production, movie outreaches, and mission trips! Thank you to everyone who has helped us in so many ways over the years!!!