For a long time it has been on Bryan Jennings’ heart to produce a movie that combines surfing and the cowboy/bullriding worlds. This dream became a reality when some pro bullriders called Bryan to ask for surf lessons while they were in San Diego for a bull riding event. The guys hit it off, and the Surfers and Bullriders documentary was launched with a trip to the North Shore of Oahu! The professional surfers are Nathan Fletcher, Aaron Gold, Magno Passos, and Derek Rabelo. The professional bull riders are Jake Nelson, Thad Newell, and Zane Cook. We hope to finish the Surfers & Bullriders documentary in the Spring of 2015, and show it in a few cities and then release it online soon after. Our goal is to produce a movie that clearly presents the Gospel message so the Bullriding Cowboy community will have a great movie to show at their outreach events!


It has been almost 10 years since the original Walking On Water movie was released, and the impact that movie has had around the world has been absolutely unbelievable! We are so thankful that Sony Pictures distributed it and as a result over 4 million people have watched it! Almost every day Bryan Jennings is stopped by a family who has watched the Walking On Water movie many times and want to thank him for making it. So the time has come to make Walking On Water 2! This movie will be about kids traveling to new locations where they will not only surf with the local kids in that country, but also serve the community. More information about this exciting project will be coming soon. We will begin filming in early 2015. If you are interested in financially supporting and/or being featured in this movie, email us at [email protected]