Becoming great at anything requires purposeful training.
Our boys want to be great surfers and skateboarders. They want to train hard, and it is their heart’s desire to strive for excellence in the sports they love. 
But they are still kids…and there are days where they just want to sleep in. Or play video games. Or eat junk food.
And these are all okay things–now and then. But the fact is, that if they want to be great…at anything–it takes commitment and focus. 
No great athlete ever became great by chance. And, all of the giftings in the world still require serious practice, and discipline to be fully developed.
So, sometimes, when the feelings aren’t there, the boys have to muster up the will power to train anyways.
And sometimes, we parents have to be the ones to give a little shove out the door…or into the water…to hold the boys to their commitment to train.
Our boys have each made a personal decision to follow Christ. They want to grow to be mature Christians, serving God in all they do. 
So we remind them, that growing and maturing also requires purposeful training. There is no such thing as “instant holiness.”
“Exercising towards godliness,” is what 1 Timothy calls it.
We encourage our boys to spend time alone with the Lord each day, reading their Bibles and praying. They have each found a reading plan to follow on their Kindles, and they started the New Year with gusto.
But then there are days…. When surf is great and the Bibles lay untouched…or they get distracted, or tired. Sometimes they just aren’t excited to follow their daily plan. 
And then they must decide: Are they willing to train…to train in holiness? Do they want to pursue a life of faith, or just hope that they might “get there” by chance?
This simple rule applies to all we do in life:
It would be nice if we could WISH ourselves to becoming pro surfers, getting straight A’s, or to spiritual maturity…But we can’t.
So…Dream big. Train big. And never forget to train for what really matters.

“Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7)… “It holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”
With Aloha, Monica–