John 13:14

“If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.”
Are you living for the Lord, right in the middle of your every day circumstances?  Do you see the mundane tasks of life as an opportunity to serve the King?  Or do you see it as drudgery?
I find it much easier to serve the Lord publicly, than to be patient with my children when no one is watching.
I find it a lot more fun to be involved in ministry, than to scrub dishes with a joyful spirit.
As I desire to do big things for God, I am reminded that the best place to begin is right where I am:  Yes, In the kitchen, at a desk, driving my car, helping kids with homework.
Before he calls us to the big things, God often calls us to serve Him in the little things…In the humble places.  In the places where no one may see, except God alone.
How are you doing in those quiet moments?
Jesus set an example for us when he served in the most humble way imagineable–washing the dirt off his disciples feet.
When my own kids ask for greater responsibilities, or a new privilege, I often respond by asking them if they have managed the freedoms that they already have well. They know that I am much more likely to grant them greater freedoms if they have been good stewards of what they already have.
Similarly, when I pray to God for more opportunities, influence, or blessings, I imagine His response to may be like mine with my children. Perhaps the Lord would ask ME how well am I managing the gifts, the influence, and the blessings he’s already given me?
Am I a faithful steward?
John, 13:15, Jesus says “I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you.”
So, the next time I long for greater, more exciting opportunities to serve, I want to first stop and ask:
Whose feet should I wash today?  How might I serve better in the very circumstances I am in?
And when I answer these questions, I think I’ll find that the greatest opportunities to serve, are the ones right in front of my eyes.
Keep Serving the King, wherever you are!
With Aloha