There is nothing more encouraging than hearing testimonies of how people have come to faith in Jesus. The transforming power of the Lord is amazing, and no two stories are just alike. However, there is one theme common to every great testimony: Someone had to share the message! Whether the gospel is shared from one friend, neighbor, or co-worker to another, or someone invites their friends to church, or a movie showing where the gospel is presented, God invites us to share His love with others.

This is all rather mind-blowing, really, as God could do everything without involving us at all. In fact, the very act of using us broken, mixed up people to do His work could be seen as quite inefficient. Yet that is how God rolls! He loves us enough to include us in His work. He invites us to team up with Him to accomplish His purposes. What a good God!
I encourage you to consider the people in your lives who do not yet know the Lord, and ask yourself what their testimony might one day be. Then ask God if He would like YOU to be a part of it. It may be as simple as inviting them to church, an event, or a movie showing. It might be as honest and vulnerable as sharing your own testimony. Pray for them, and be prepared to be a small part in a very beautiful story of eternal significance.

Written by Monica Swanson •