“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” JOHN 10:10

The theme for the Lowers camp was: “IDENTITY–Chasing after the wind.” Kyle shared a message with the groms that is truly valuable for all of us.

The message was based on the idea that we are all searching for our identity, whether we realize it or not. Kyle explained how in trying to find our identity, we often pursue the easiest, cheapest available forms of “identity” – what others think of us, or the pleasures of the world. In doing this we are trying to grab on to something that will never satisfy – something that was never meant to last.

The result of trying to find our identity in things or in others’ opinions of us is that we will live in a state of fear: fear of failure and fear of rejection. It is a miserable way to live, but this is exactly how most people spend their lives.

God’s desire, on the other hand, is that we would find our identity in Him. Created in His image, we find our self worth in His deep and unchanging love for us.

The result of basing our identity in Christ is that we experience freedom from fear: Fear of failure and fear of rejection. We are no longer dependent on others’ opinions of us because we depend on a much bigger opinion: God’s.

Let’s not waste a single minute chasing after the wind, searching for an identity which will not last. Instead let’s find our identity in Christ and receive the freedom and full life that only He can offer.