Photo by DeMasi Photography

Bryan Jennings’ “coaching and parenting” interview reminds us of the common elements between coaching and parenting, especially as our relationship with our kids transitions from ‘telling’ younger children, to ‘coaching’ older ones. In coaching and in parenting we have a great opportunity, and responsibility, to shepherd those God has put under our care. In fact, anytime we find ourselves in authority over another person – in work, sports, or family, we should look at it as an opportunity to serve, as a calling from the Lord.

The truth is, sometimes it’s easier to teach or coach someone we hardly know than it is to patiently parent our own children. Parenting requires sacrifice and endurance, and a lot of it. We can easily take for granted the privilege it is to bring up our children — teaching them, training them, and leading them the way a shepherd would lead his flock.

Let’s remember that our kids are God’s gift to us, and our role as parents is a true calling. Next time you are overseeing someone — from an employee at work, to a student, athlete, or your own child, consider your role as shepherd. When you see what you do as a calling and a way to please the Lord, it changes everything.

Written by Monica Swanson •