Our group quickly grew from 5 to 20 as people found out that we were going out to the Texas wave pools to surf and show the Surfers and Cowboys film. First on the agenda, was to get barbecue in a city whose name I can’t pronounce. We fell into a deep food coma, and then woke up with just enough energy to surf an entire day at the NLand Surf Park in Austin. That night we showed Surfers and Cowboys at the surf park to a bunch of guests who had surfed for their first time that day. On Sunday, we woke up in Waco, went to Cowboy Church (yes, it is literally called that), ate more bbq, played with tractors, and shot some guns and blew some stuff up (safety was a top priority). That night we showed the film in Waco to a lively crowd of actual cowboys, families, and college students. Monday was our first lay day, so we sat in a circle and had a rad little bible study, talking about life and things we are struggling with. We were open and honest with each other. Surrender was the main theme – if you want freedom, you have to to be willing to surrender your life and dreams to God. Finally, the last of our crew braved the rainy roads to Dallas where we showed the film in the coolest little downtown theater. The response was amazing; people loved the film, and were reminded to place faith over fear.