The SWELL Surfers of Monterey Bay had a epic time serving our local surf community a BBQ lunch that consisted of Hotdogs and Cheeseburgers, chips, pork and beans, a slice of watermelon and a soda at Carmel Beach on Saturday June 1st, 2013 at the 33rd annual “Surfabout” surf contest.  We fed over 200 surfers and handed out 147 W.O.W. DVD’s and 115 of our SWELL Tides Guides.   All of the surfers were stoked to get a copy of the DVD and many had not even heard of Walking on Water but some had heard about your newest project “Beyond Sight” and were in awe of such a story as we gave them details and expressed our excitement about hosting the movie in October. I can’t speak for the others in our booth but one divine appointment happened for me late in the day when I had a chance to get in some surfing after serving.  I met Raven earlier in the day when he and his dad come by the SWELL booth for some free lunch.  Raven is an American Indian surfer and in between sets we talked about the beautiful day and the awesome surf that was taking place for the contest.  I asked him what nation he was from and we even talked about the Great Spirit’s creation.  That was a lead in for me to share about God the Father being Spirit and what Romans 1:20 says about His invisible qualities being clearly seen by what has been made and that man is without excuse.   Raven appreciated the conversation and began to open up even more …well until a big set came and the conversation suddenly ended as he paddled for it.  This happens to me a lot to.  I know the Lord will continue this conversation with Raven perhaps with his girlfriend because he said she was a Christian. Overall the day was a great success as The SWELL surfers served all ages of our surf community.  We are confident that God with use the W.O.W DVDs and our tides to reach into the hearts of our beloved surfers.  I have attached some pictures from the day.  Thank you for partnering with us in our efforts…we are all a part of “Team Jesus” and it is great knowing that our bro’s and sister’s from SoCal prayed for us today.   God Bless you and the W.O.W. ministry.