As the Beyond Sight movie world tour continues, we are also in production and pre-production on two new movies: Surfers and Cowboys and the Walking On Water 2 movie. We have already filmed 95% of the Surfers And Cowboys movie in California, Hawaii, and Oklahoma. This movie will not only be very entertaining with the footage of big waves and bull riding but more importantly will remind all of us that the safest place to be is in the center of God’s will. These surfers and bull riders do what they do because God has put the desire in their heart and they have been influenced greatly by their fathers or father figures in their lives. The Gospel message will also be clearly communicated in a very genuine way. It has been said that, “There are no atheists in the impact zone or in this case when a bull is coming your way.” We are excited to see this movie come to completion in God’s perfect timing and with His provision. We are launching a fundraising campaign to raise the additional $75,000 we need to finish this special movie. These funds will pay for the editing, music, marketing, and all post production expenses needed. Please watch the promo video below and to make a donation towards this movie. You can do so online on our donation page, or by mail. Here is the vision casting promo video for the Surfers and Cowboys movie online by clicking the video above, or CLICK HERE