Our goal is to finish the Surfers And Cowboys documentary by December of 2015. We still need to raise $70,000 that will pay for the editing, footage, music, and post production of this special movie (If you are interested in helping please email us at [email protected])! Surfers And Cowboys Movie co-stars Thad Newell, Jake Nelson, and Zane Cook were all in California last week for a professional bull riding event in Santa Barbara. Our filming crew joined forces with some of our Walking On Water surf campers as we made our way up to the Santa Barbara Fiesta PBR Bull Riding event (www.sbfiesta.org). Thad Newell placed 2nd and despite how sore the cowboys were, we all went surfing the following day. Once again God really blessed the filming of HIS movie and we are looking forward to seeing it finished. You can watch the latest trailer at surfersandcowboysmovie.com. Please keep this movie and the impact it will have on this generation in your prayers!