Walking On Water’s newest movie, Surfers and Cowboys, is being met with wild enthusiasm. The movie has already been seen by thousands of people after premiering in San Clemente, CA, and then moving on to Newport Beach and San Diego, CA. The stars of the movie, Zane Cook and Aaron Gold, are having such an impact as their lives play out on the screen and then people get to meet them in person. Their lives are so inspirational, and people young and old are identifying with the powerful message of the movie – to never let fear keep you from doing what God is calling you to do, and allowing all the things that happen in your life bring glory to God.

Many people are becoming fans of the movie, and many are making first time commitments to Christ after seeing it. The goal of our movies is to encourage people in their walk with Christ, but to also introduce people to a life changing relationship with Jesus. The movie has two scenes that are a vivid picture of Christ’s desire to save people. In one scene it shows the bull fighter stepping between the bull and the bull rider, protecting the bull rider from the bull. He is putting his life on the line to save the bull rider, which is a picture of Jesus giving up His life for us, and stepping in the gap to save us. In another seen, the rescue ski puts his life on the line to come in and save the big wave rider after a serious wipeout. This is a picture of Jesus coming in to save us out of our sin and desperation. Many people are responding to the invitation to have Christ step into their life and save them. Keep your eyes on www.surfersandcowboysmovie.com for future screenings of this great movie, and help us spread the word so more people can be encouraged in their faith and have an opportunity to accept Christ.