THE TRAGEDY IN LIFE IS NOT DEATH ITSELF, BUT WHAT DIES INSIDE YOU WHILE YOU’RE STILL ALIVE! The time has come to finish this special movie. Our team is working hard to finish the Surfers And Cowboys movie by February 2017! Our next steps are to raise the money needed to finish the movie, finalize the story, film all the footage still needed, edit the movie, show rough edits of the movie to test audiences, begin planning the screenings, and work with our music composer. Over the next two months we will be filming a few final scenes with big wave professional surfer Aaron Gold and professional bull rider Zane Cook. The Surfers And Cowboys movie has literally been written by God over this past year. The story will cover Zane’s intense journey to qualify for the world tour of bull riding and Aaron Gold’s desire to ride the biggest wave ever paddled into. We are looking forward to setting up family movie showing events all over the nation where the Gospel will be shared clearly. If you would like to make a donation to help fund this movie, please go to and please email [email protected] to host a screening or help us finish the movie. You can watch the trailer at


Written by Bryan Jennings