What I love about making documentary movies is seeing how God reveals the story as we step out in faith to film them. During each of the 12 Walking On Water films we have made major story changes during the filming stage due to real life circumstances. Our latest movie Surfers And Cowboys (currently in post production) has proven that trend to be true once again. Since we started filming two years ago one of our main characters, Aaron Gold, has had major events take place in his life. About 6 months ago, the entire surfing world watched in amazement as Aaron paddled into the biggest wave in history (63 feet documented by the Guinness Book Of World Records). Then a month later he split his head open surfing a much smaller wave. After healing for less than 8 weeks, he flew to Tavarua Island to catch a huge swell. He caught the first wave of the day and ended up being held under water for so long that he blacked out. Thankfully his big wave surfing friends miraculously rescued Aaron and he lived to tell the surf media how once again God had taken care of him! The Surfers and Cowboys movie is scheduled to be finished in December of 2016 and we will begin showing it in theaters in January of 2017! We still need to raise $50,000 so we can pay for the post production expenses and finish this special movie.

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