If you were to ask any of the 9 people who traveled to Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, what best describes their 4-day visit, most likely you will hear about the constant display of unparalleled generosity and hospitality from the entire Cook Family. Well, perhaps 8 out of 9 would list that as their primary memory…Conor (who still shakes in his flip-flops at the thought of it) got off the plane, jumped in a car and was strapped to two rank bulls just 5 minutes after getting to the Cook’s home. We’ve got the footage to prove it too…these guys were untested and no joke! Our team also was able to help with the Zane Cook Bull Riding Invitational that the Cook family hosts each year!

We were so impressed that Aaron and Corinne Gold made the effort to come all the way from Hawaii! Surfers and Cowboys was scheduled for two showings and not only was it in Zane’s hometown, but it was to be shown at the High School from where he graduated. Each night the rows were filled with family, friends, fans, and those who had eagerly awaited the film’s arrival. It was thrilling to hear the crowd’s laughter and cheers of encouragement as past events play before their eyes on the big screen. These events they all knew very well.

As has been the tradition, each show ended with a time of question and answers with the team. The comment that made a lasting impact on our team was Zane’s grandpa sharing, that was the first time he had heard his grandson speak so intimately about his faith in God.

To the folks of Fort Gibson and to the entire Cook Family, thank you for hosting us.  Photo gallery of the trip is here: https://walkingonwater.smugmug.com/OklahomaV-April-2017/


The Oklahoma Team

Buck Waters, Long-Time Friend and WOW Partner
Aaron Gold and wife, Corinne
Scott Clark, WOW Board Member
Sean Marin, Surfers and Cowboys Movie Editor and Narrator
Conor Beatty, WOW Assistant Camp Director
Kahlee Liesik, newest WOW staff member and her husband, Dan Liesik