Surf Camps have been amazing so far this summer! More than 200 students have attended our various camps. These campers have heard awesome messages of faith from people like professional surfer Damien Hobgood, John Cobian of Cobian Sandals, evangelist and filmmaker Joel Parker of Nations Foundation, and many more. We have been blessed to watch approximately 55 campers start relationships with the Lord or recommit their lives to Him. In addition, Walking On Water has had the privilege of participating in the baptism of 19 students at camps during this summer alone! God is moving! There is one more camp left in the 2014 Walking On Water Surf Camp season. However, having just finished our Jr. High and High School Overnight Camps at Pt. Loma Nazarene University, it has been a blessing to reflect on the impact and transformation seen in camper’s hearts. Both the counselors and Walking On Water staff witnessed God move in powerful ways at the Overnight Camps. We had the joy of standing alongside 50 Jr. Higher’s in week 1 and then 60 High Schoolers in week 2 letting go of their fears and worshiping God with incredible passion – passion that can only be fueled by the Lord. The theme of the camp was “God is Jealous for Your Love”. This message was definitely heard by the campers, as many of them wrote in their letter to themselves that in 6 months they want their relationship with the Lord to be the most important thing in their life. God is jealous for their love. He put it on our heart to share this with these students, but our prayer is that this is a message that sinks deep within your heart as well.