“After seeing the Soul Surfer film and reading Bethany’s book, I was so stoked on her story in a way that moved me to recommit my life to God. I remember exactly where I was when I prayed for God to use me like he used Bethany.” – these are the words of Sierra Ullrich, the 16 year old surf camper featured on the front side of this newsletter under the Personal Story headline. In just the short amount of time that has passed after 2011 surf camps, it has been amazing to see the Lord already working through Sierra, putting to use her passions and unique skill set to reach those in her community with the Gospel message. Sierra shares, “At camp it hit me that the reason I was there was because of Soul Surfer and when Bryan challenged us to do an event I HAD to. I had this feeling of ‘I can’t keep this to myself.’ In taking Bryan’s challenge to organize an outreach event with the Soul Surfer film, Sierra immediately began planning after returning home to Phoenix.


After working hard to raise the needed funds for the event through garage sales, car washes and donations from friends/family and churches, Sierra experienced the fruit of her labor when 300 plus people showed up to watch Soul Surfer and hear the Gospel message shared by Bryan Jennings and Soul Surfer actress Sonya Balmores! We would like to sincerely thank Sierra for all of her hard work in planning this event and for inviting Walking On Water be a part of such a special evening. We are confident that many lives were impacted as the result of her faithfulness to the calling God placed upon her heart! If you would like to host an outreach screening in your hometown please email [email protected].