Scotland trip was amazing! All eight of us girls had the incredible opportunity to serve alongside local missionaries Bob and Melissa Hill, assisting them on various projects throughout their castle, Overtoun House. We worked hard scrubbing and painting the castle walls, chopping trees and helping them out in any way we could. We were also able to speak at their church and two of our girls shared their testimonies. The people there are incredibly kind and welcoming, and we noticed along the way that they are all starving for hope and truth. It was a special time for us to share our faith with strangers on the streets, trains and the local skatepark as most people had no idea what a mission trip even was. We had some fun at the local indoor skate park passing out Walking On Water and Beyond Sight DVDs, though they weren’t too sure about a bunch of surfer girls trying to BMX! Overall, the trip was a huge success, and God worked through each girl on our team to share Jesus with those we met along the way. We hope to go back in the future to host a surf/skate outreach and to continue to share Jesus in a country that needs Him desperately!

Written by Katherine Miranda