RUE and Walking On Water from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo.

” Growing up in the late 1960’s on the beaches of South Orange County, I was all too familiar with the beachside culture where sun, surf and self satisfaction reigned.


My friends and I did not give much thought, if any, to the idea of a Savior back then. As I reflect back now, I marvel at how unknowingly desperate we really were for Jesus Christ.
Fast-forward about 20 years from those sunny So Cal days to be able to support the growth of Walking on Water Ministries in its’ early days.
Supporting WOW was a natural fit for my wife Catherine and I as WOW would begin to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the coastal communities worldwide through it’s inspiring movies, surf camps and the articulate and thoughtful words of WOW’s founder Bryan Jennings.
Bryan’s self effacing humor and humble style continue to draw thousands of people to Jesus Christ and with the imminent release of ” Beyond Sight”, the moving story of a blind surfer, the WOW message and brand is poised to continue to flourish.

When the seeds of the lifestyle ministry company “Are You Ready?” were planted by God in my heart 6 years ago, I took steps of faith in obedience.
Today, RUE (, through its’ clothing with artwork like designs, books and music, promotes the concept of being ready, based on Jesus’ words to us in Luke 12:40.
RUE will now soon be rolling out new clothing and products for the WOW brand.
The spiritual and business alliance of our two companies will complement one another and serve to expand the message and mission of each.

Of all the thousands and thousands of questions we ask ourselves and that others ask us during our time that we walk on this planet, the most important question any human being will ever need to answer before they leave the planet is…”am I ready to meet Jesus the Christ?”

…To walk on water…are you ready? ”
Written by Jay Wentz and thank you Albrecht Family!