Billy Graham has always been my hero! I came close to meeting him a few times, but never did. However, he still inspired me to go and share the Gospel! I remember wanting to be just like Billy — someone who would share the Gospel message to thousands of people in packed out stadiums. That never happened for me, but instead I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with smaller audiences at our Walking On Water movie theater outreaches held all over the world. After 15 years of sharing the Gospel in movie theaters, auditoriums, churches, in bars, and on beaches, I realized one day that we had been in front of over 500,000 people in live attendance! This amount of people would have filled 5 football stadiums, so God did fulfill my dream to be like Billy Graham! I love the testimony from Pastor Ray Bentley of Maranatha Chapel and how he shares that his parents brought him and his brother to a movie theater when he was a boy. They were excited to see a James Bond movie or some action film but instead the only choice that day was a Billy Graham movie. The boys were upset at first but Ray found himself responding to the Gospel message that Billy Graham gave at the end of the movie. Ray jumped out of his seat and went forward in the movie theater and started his relationship with Jesus Christ. Ray never looked back, and he is one of my favorite bible teaching pastors today! God was at work in the movie theaters back then and he still is today!

Those of us here will miss you deeply, Billy, but I can’t wait to meet you in heaven, and I will thank you personally for being a hero and role model I could look up to my entire life. I hope I can make you proud through persevering to share the Gospel with this generation, only through the power of the Holy Spirit! Let’s share stories in Heaven of all that God did as we stepped out in faith to share Christ’s love! Thank you again Billy and you will always be my hero!