Although I have worked at Walking On Water for the past eight years I have never been directly involved in making any of the movies. My position includes leading teams of people to different countries all around the world to participate in missions and movie screenings.  I have always had a passion for Israel since I was a little kid and have been blessed to spend so much time there.

While leading teams to Israel, if there were waves I would always look forward to getting in the water and spend time surfing the holy land. It was through surfing in Israel that I began developing real friendships. I would run into Israeli surfers all over the world and was fascinated that there was such a strong surfing community in this country that is all over the Bible.

The thought about sharing the story of Israel through the eyes of surfers started stirring in my heart and I knew with God’s prompting I wanted to share this incredible story with both Jews and Gentiles. I shared my desire to make the movie with my good friend Hani in Israel, and he jumped on board. I then shared the vision with Bryan Jennings and Russell Brownley (Director of Photography) and they supported the project from day one. Bryan entrusted me to direct the movie and knowing nothing about film or how to make a movie I surrounded myself with incredible professionals, including editor Jesse Schluntz and photographer Bryce Johnson, who believed in the project and made it a success.

It took three filming trips to complete the movie and every time God blessed us with amazing surf. Israelis kept telling us that “someone” was on our side. On the final filming trip to Israel we were fortunate to have Tom Curren join us, which made the already amazing story of Israel through the eyes of surfers even better! Just having Tom in Israel was such a blessing to the Israeli surfers as professional surfers rarely visit the Middle East.

Here we are, three and a half years later, $80,000 in fundraising, three trips to Israel, countless hours of editing, music rights, artwork, graphics, nine languages subtitled on the final disc, and Promised Land is about to be born! Promised Land turned out amazing, and on the production side, all my dreams for it have come true.

My prayer is that Promised Land will inspire and educate Christians to love their Jewish friends and to create an awareness that as Gentile Christians we have a responsibility towards the Jews. For Jewish people, I hope after watching the movie they feel loved and respected and they gain an interest in learning more about this Jesus we call the Messiah of the world.

I believe the movie may go way beyond the intended target audience and that many people who are neither Christian nor Jewish, will find Promised Land inspiring and beautiful.

If you would like to host a screening please email us at: [email protected] The world premiere of Promised Land will be in Israel on January 1st 2012 followed by four other screenings in Israel the following nights.  The U.S. premiere will be in Orange County on Feb. 3rd and in San Diego on Feb. 4th followed by the world tour of screenings worldwide.  For trailer, tour dates, and other info go to:

We are still in need of funds for the Promised Land world tour expenses and promotions.  You can make a donation on our website if you would like to financially support the movie tour.