The PipeMasters is the Super Bowl of surfing. There is no greater event to watch in the world, than surfers competing at the best and most beautiful wave on the planet. With over 7 million core surfers tuning in to watch the live webcast of the PipeMasters, we decided to give away the Beyond Sight Movie to everyone watching the contest. The draw of Derek’s dream to surf Pipeline has continued to be a huge light to the surfing community as thousands have tuned in to watch his story. Through your support, we feel so blessed during this Christmas season to be giving away a gift that again points to Jesus Christ.

Thanks to your generous support the Beyond Sight commercial on the Pipe Masters live webcast had a huge impact!  Each day people on the North Shore would tell us they saw our commercial and it opened up doors for us to share the Gospel.  Over 500,000 core surfers from around the world watched the commercial and the Beyond Sight movie was seen by thousands of surfers in over 50 countries!  Since 500,000 people saw the commercial and found out about the Walking On Water ministry we believe that we will continue to see the impact of the commercial in the coming months.  Having a presence at the Super Bowl of surfing is exactly what the Walking On Water ministry should continue to do in future years!
You can watch the 15 second commercial by clicking here, or below:pipemaster2
Thank you again for stepping out in faith with us on this project!  We hope to do it again next year!  
Bryan Jennings and The Walking On Water Team