We just finished the second annual Pipeline Masters VIP trip, and once again it was absolutely blessed in every way! The Lewis family of five won the live auction item at the San Diego fundraiser banquet. They stayed at the Turtle Bay resort, watched the Pipeline masters from the VIP area, met Kelly Slater and other Pro Surfers, body surfed Wiamea Bay, swam with scary sharks, and enjoyed really great encouraging fellowship. Whenever I am on the North Shore of Oahu, each day I have divine appointments that God seems to set up with people who have seen one of our movies or attended our surf camp. This trip included many of those encounters each day. We ended up having a very powerful conversation with a woman named Kathy, and as a result of the God-inspired conversation, she called her dad after not talking to him for over four years. What a blessing to enjoy God‘s creation and also know that we were making an eternal impact in peoples’ lives that we met along the way! Maybe next year we need to make it a Walking On Water family camp and invite a bunch of families because the experience is so amazing I would love to share it with more people!