Sometimes all it takes is a simple step of faith to make a big Kingdom impact.  Sometimes you have no idea how much you’re being used until much later.

This has been just the case for a group of faithful people in Rio, Brazil.

Since meeting Bryan in San Diego over ten years ago, Maria Pugliese remained involved in the WOW ministry, attending outreaches and sharing with others about Walking On Water.  After telling her Pastor about WOW, he asked her to invite Bryan to Rio to do an outreach.  A couple named Joao and Luiza, who formed a group called “I heart JC” were also a part of this event, and together these three became the WOW Rio Team.

It took a simple step of faith for Maria, Joao, and Luiza to invite Bryan Jennings, as well as Tom Curren, Lakey Peterson, and the Hobgood brothers to the outreach.

Derek Rabelo was in Rio at the time with one of Maria’s friends, so they invited him to be a part of the outreach.  Knowing that Bryan would love Derek’s story, Maria asked Derek to be a special guest.

It was at that Walking on Water Outreach that God brought all of these lives together.  Derek shared his story, his friendship with Bryan began, and the Beyond Sight Movie was born.  Maria says “It’s been a blessing to see God put all of the puzzle pieces together right in from of our eyes, and even better that we feel so honored to be a part of God’s puzzle!”

The entire WOW Rio team have been encouraged as they see God’s plan unfolding.  What began as a simple invitation opened doors that eventually led to the Beyond Sight Film. Now, on May 9th 2014 the Beyond Sight movie will have it’s Brazilian Premiere at Maria, Joao, and Luiza’s home church in Rio Brazil exactly two years after they introduced Bryan to Derek Rabelo.

**Maria has been involved with kids through the Rocinha Surf School.  After bringing the kids to their first outreach in 2012, they have stayed in touch with the kids doing weekly Bible studies and leading children and some of their parents into a relationship with Jesus.

Written by Monica Swanson of