Zane Cook first met Bryan Jennings while he was in San Diego for a Pro Bull Riding event. Zane and Thad Newell and Jake Nelson, and other bull riders took a surf lesson with Bryan, and immediately saw the similarities between bull riding and surfing. Though Bryan had been dreaming about a film about bull riders and surfers, this connection was where the Surfers and Cowboys movie really began to take shape. We asked Zane a few questions about his pro bull riding career and the Walking on Water movie that he will be featured in.

As for the similarities between surfing and bull riding? Zane says, “It takes a lot of balance and body control to ride bulls, and I found it’s the same way with surfing.”

We asked Zane to describe what it is like to ride a bull. Zane says, “It’s unexplainable the feeling of riding bulls. It’s a feeling all in its own — it’s nerves and adrenaline, and maybe a little fear and a few other feelings all mixed together for 8 seconds.”

When asked what he hopes people will learn from the Surfers and Cowboys movie, Zane answered: “I hope that people would learn from the movie to just let God be in control and trust in him.”

As for Zane’s Pro Bull Riding goals? “My goals are to go to the PBR world finals every year for the rest of my career and to be a PBR World Champion at least once.”

Finally, we asked Zane how his faith in God helps him in his career. Zane replied: “God has everything to do with my career. I’m doing the most dangerous sport in the world, and putting my life on the line every time (I ride) so it’s important to be right with God and to live my life the way he would want me to. I don’t know when my last day is, so I just put my trust in God and give Him all the glory for letting me live a dream.”


Written by Monica Swanson  •