Zach Blickens and his family have been serving God with their musical gifts for years.  Two and a half years ago they took a step of faith, committing to their music ministry full time. Their band, called “White Ribbon Day,” has taken them all all over the world, and it seems their work has just begun.  Zach says, “God has put it on our hearts to attempt to set foot on every nation and use music and the Gospel to touch people for Jesus.”

One of Zach’s daughters is currently doing a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School,) in Biarritz, France, and recently saw the Beyond Sight film with her ministry team.  She was really excited about the movie, and shared the experience with her dad over the phone.  Just a few days later, Zach happened to be at the Luis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance, where he met Bryan Jennings.  The two struck up conversation, and soon made the connection that Zach’s daughter had just seen Beyond Sight.  Bryan was stoked to meet Zach, to make this new connection, and to hear how God is using his family all over the world.

White Ribbon Day sharing awesome music with the world, but even more, Zach and his family have made a commitment to present the Gospel every time they perform.  Even if it is very quick and simple, they will find a moment to share God’s message and love wherever they go.  Zach says that keeping that commitment has really changed his family’s life.

Bryan is grateful for Luis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance, which connects like minded believers from all over the world.  He also hopes that everyone will support the music and ministry of Zach and his family.  You can find links to them all here:

Band Name: White Ribbon Day
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