First memories of WOW films: Vince Alves remembers watching Walking on Water videos while attending Westmont college in Santa Barbara in the late 90’s. Soon after he graduated, Vince worked with a mission organization in Portugal to begin Christian Surfers Portugal. They used some of the early WOW videos to share Jesus with the local community.

Getting reconnected: Vince works with his family at Scosche, the company his parents started out of their garage 36 years ago. Scosche Industries is now internationally recognized as an award-winning innovator of consumer technology and car audio products. They maintain offices in three U.S. States plus Hong Kong. When Jason Walters recently joined the company and told him about his involvement with Beyond Sight, the Alves family was on-board to get involved as well. To Vince it was like reconnecting with an old friend.

The importance of the WOW films: Vince believes that inspirational stories need to be told, and for that reason he appreciates the WOW films. “As humans we have short memory issues when it comes to God’s power, Grace, and ability to overcome life’s challenges; God showed his wonders to the world in the Old Testament, He gave us Jesus as a human example of a sinless life and ultimate sacrifice for our sins, and knowing our short memory issues, God continues to give us modern day examples of what is possible through Him. I, for one, need daily reminders and “Beyond Sight” can Inspire those who need inspiration, give perspective for those who need perspective, and encourage faith for those that need it.”

Vince’s thoughts about being a business owner, partnering with ministries like Walking on Water:
Vince believes that from a business ROI (return on investment) perspective, it’s nice to partner with ministries like WOW to expose your brand or company to a youthful market in a positive way. But more importantly, Vince says, “I believe we are all called to contribute our time, talent and/or treasure in whatever way we can. Before joining Scosche full time, and starting a family, I had nothing but time, so I dedicated my time to the Lord and went on Mission for a little over a year. Now I have no time, so as my life situation changes I give of my treasure to promote someone else’s talent.

We are grateful to be reconnected to Vince and the Alves family, and appreciate partnering with them for some of our Beyond Sight Showings.