Pastor Tripp Turner lives on the North Shore of Oahu, and is the senior Pastor of The Mission Church. The Mission is filled with surfers, and on any given Sunday morning you’ll find guys with sand in their hair, and more than one set of bare feet. It’s come as you are, in the most literal way.

Pastor Tripp has been a friend of the Walking on Water ministry for years, first getting to know Bryan Jennings while Tripp was Children’s Pastor just down the beach at North Shore Christian Fellowship. Over the years both churches have hosted showings of the WOW films, always drawing a crowd from the surf community.

Last winter, when asked to help organize a showing of Beyond Sight, Pastor Tripp stepped out in faith to host it. He organized a showing at Sunset Beach Elementary School, where the Mission Church meets on Sunday mornings. With just a few posters and announcements, word spread quickly, and by the Sunday night showing there was standing room only. A packed crowd came to watch the movie featuring Derek Rabelo, the blind surfer. It was a great turnout that impacted the lives of many people–churchgoers, and those who never go to church

So what was it that made Beyond Sight so special? “Surf movies alone will no longer draw a crowd,” said Pastor Tripp. “There was a time where you could do an outreach using a movie with great surfing in it, and people would come. But now the market is so saturated that people just don’t get excited about surf films any more. There has to be more.” Tripp continues: “A story about a blind man learning to surf…and surfing Pipeline? Now everyone wants to see that.” 

God does His greatest work through the lives of faithful people. In this case, both the people in the movie, and those willing to share it with their community.

We are sgrateful for the pastors and community leaders who have teamed up with Walking on Water throughout the years to host movie outreaches and support the work we do.