Tim McCaig is a seasoned graphic designer and photographer in the surf industry. He has been making a name for himself as a photographer working on fine art prints, action photography, and lifestyle shoots for several companies in the action sports industry. He has been fortunate to shoot top talent of the likes of A.I., Taj, and Parko to name a few. He has worked in sought after positions for companies such as Surfer Magazine and Billabong. This past year, Tim has started his own company, TMC Design and Photography. It has proven to be an exciting and challenging new adventure. With a broad variety of new clients it has been an opportunity to build on his growing photography and design endeavors.

Tim met Bryan Jennings through mutual friends almost 15 years ago. He was always impressed and supportive of Bryan’s Walking on Water projects. Tim always felt like Bryan’s ministry has brought a bright light to an industry that needs more people willing to take a stand for Christ. Most recently he has been moved by the impact that Bryan’s movies are having on his own children. Driving to a recent photo shoot, the original Walking on Water movie was playing. The kids in the car were enjoying the surf action and they were inspired that these were young Christian athletes standing up for their faith. One of them even said that it was their favorite movie next to Beyond Sight. Tim appreciates the impact that the movies have had across the globe, as well as in his own family.

Tim has been married for fifteen years to his wife Candice and they have 3 kids: Malia, 11 years old; Gavin, 10 years old; and Maverick, 7 years old. There family has recently been through some very rough trials. His wife was diagnosed last year with breast cancer and had to go through several surgeries and chemotherapy. Through this battle, in the midst of starting a new business, Tim has had to cling to the Lord for his strength and peace. It has been a year of growth in trusting the Lord. Tim’s church, The Shoreline, and his friends have been a great support during this challenging time in life. Candice is cancer free now, and the business is slowly building up. It is an exciting time to see what God has next for his life.