Raising four boys on the North Shore of Oahu is full of adventure.  We homeschool our boys, and a couple of the boys are competitive in surfing and skateboarding.  Finding good role models is NOT an easy task for us, so when we discovered the Walking On Water film, we were so excited.  Our boys have watched it countless times, (I know just dreaming of being the kids on such an adventure as the boys in the film!)  One of our sons is known for sneaking off to watch the video (AGAIN!) by himself, and probably has most of the lines in the film memorized.


When we heard that Brian Jennings was on island with a blind surfer, we could hardly believe it.  After the boys spotted Derek with a cane on the beach, they could only hope to get a chance to see him surf.  It all worked out so well when we happened to spot Derek with Brian walking up the beach.  My thirteen year old ran up to them, and they were so gracious to introduce him to Derek, and get photos with him right away.  Before we knew it, the whole family had the chance to meet Derek, and then the boys were invited to go out surfing with him.  It was an experience they will never forget (nor will my husband who watched from the beach in awe!)  The boys were so impressed with not only Derek’s surfing, but his tender and humble heart.  I know that their faith has been built up by this whole experience.  Now they can’t wait to see it all on film, and of course to share it with everyone they know…especially their surfer friends who they are hoping to reach for Christ!

Thank you to Brian, Derek, and the whole team for being so open and flexible, and for including our family in a little bit of your time on the island.  We will cherish the memories forever!


Monica Swanson, and family