Sierra Ullrich, a 16 year old senior from Phoenix Arizona, first learned about the Walking On Water Ministry through a commercial on K-love. It all started when she saw Soul Surfer in theatres and thereafter read Bethany’s book over 15+times, literally. Just a few weeks later, Sierra’s mom texted her in school informing her of a Christian surf camp she had heard about on K-Love radio called Walking On Water. Before Sierra knew it she was signed up and on her way to surf in San Diego! “Camp was the best week of my life!” Sierra reminisces. “I got to meet so many amazing people like Sonya (actress from Soul Surfer) and Bryan, as well as hang out with AnnaSophia Robb (who happens to be my favorite actress since I was 11). Everyday was a cycle of amazing food, friends, surfing, dodgeball, and Jesus. It doesn’t get much better than that!” However, more important than all the good food and gnarly waves is that Sierra’s walk with the Lord was forever impacted by her experiences at camp. Sierra explains, “I’ve been to a lot of camps and I have never come back from one so on fire, not just for God but to also make a difference for him in my community! Walking On Water has got me obsessed with surfing and with the Lord!” J  Combining her newfound desire to reach out to those in her community with Bryan’s challenge to host an outreach with the Soul Surfer Film, Sierra went home and immediately started planning an event. To read more about the Soul Surfer Outreach in Phoenix, AZ please see the supplement article on the back of this newsletter.