Shawnae Alcoser grew up watching the Walking on Water films with her parents.  Shawnae’s high school boyfriend Brian Bennett also loved the Walking on Water films.  Shawnae and Brian were both surfers, and the WOW films had a great influence on their faith as they grew up.
Shawnae and Brian got married last August, just before Brian was deployed through the US Marine Corp to Afghanistan. After being away seven months, Brian finally returned home this last spring. However, two weeks after his return, Brian was killed suddenly in a car accident.
Shawnae was shaken, but held strong in her faith, doing her best to trust God, and finding peace knowing Brian was in Heaven.
After her husband’s passing, Shawnae and her family planned a trip to Hawaii; A time to rest and find some peace. Their flight was out of San Diego.
About the same time, Bryan Jennings had been hosting Derek Rabelo while they showed the Beyond Sight Film all over California.   It was one of Bryan’s busiest seasons ever, showing the film multiple times daily and in many locations. When Derek needed a ride to the San Diego airport, Bryan really wanted to find someone else to take him. He had way too much to do.  When Bryan couldn’t find anyone else to take Derek, he realized that he had to take him to the airport himself.
It was there at the San Diego airport that the Alcosers and their daughter Shawnae spotted Bryan and Derek. Shawnae’s parents stopped Bryan, and introduced themselves. They thanked him for his work, and they shared the story of Shawnae and Brian, and the recent car accident, and Brian’s death.
Bryan knew then that God had orchestrated his trip to the airport for this reason. He was supposed to take Derek to the airport because God had planned for him to meet this family. Bryan was able to pray for Shawnae, and encourage her.
Having Bryan Jennings pray for Shawnae meant a lot.  She says that from an early age “The Walking on Water Films really proved to me how real God is, and how he works in others lives for His glory.”  Shawnae continues, “Walking on Water helped me to understand that through all trials, The Lord is always in control.”   This truth meant more to her now than ever.
This divine appointment was a reminder of how sometimes when we think things are not going how we want them to, God is doing something even more important than we know. Trusting Him in the process, and being available to be used by God is our responsibility.
Blessings to Shawnae and the Alcoser family, and thank you for sharing your story!