The Beyond Sight movie showing on the North Shore was epic.  So many people were encouraged and inspired by the story of Derek Rabelo, surfing their very own Pipeline waves…blind.

However, no one may have appreciated the movie more than Sean Molitor and his wife JoLynn.  The couple found out about the movie from a flyer they saw at the local North Shore Coffee Gallery, and when they saw that it was about a blind surfer, they knew that they just had to attend.

After serving our country in the Army for fourteen years, Sean went to his routine eye exam this last year to find out that he had a degenerative eye disease that would eventually take his sight away completely.  This news was shocking, and changed Sean’s perspective about his life and his future.  Sean shares that a lot of fears came up as soon as he heard the news.  “We all take things for granted, and when I received the diagnosis, I saw that everything about the way I see myself and my life would change…and a lot of things became really scary.”

Sean and JoLynn turned to the Lord for hope and strength, but seeing the Beyond Sight movie was a huge blessing in their new journey.  Derek’s story bolstered their faith.  “I saw that Derek was almost fearless.  He wasn’t afraid of anything.  I considered his perspective, and it really inspired me,” said Sean.

Sean was thankful for the chance to meet Derek and hopes to stay in touch with him as his own disease progresses.  The doctors say that it may be weeks or many years before his eye sight is completely gone, but Sean is committed to trusting Christ through it all.  Sean and his wife are confident that God can do anything–including heal him, or slow his disease process if it is His will.  But no matter what they will keep trusting God, and living by faith, not by sight