Roger Thompson is a long time friend of Walking on Water, going back to the first days with Bryan Jennings. When Bryan wanted to create his very first surf film, it was Roger Thompson he went to for help. The result? Follow the Leader, starring Tom Curren.

This was just the beginning of an enduring friendship, and years of sharing big dreams and a lot of incredible projects. Roger laughs recalling the phrase that started so many conversations between he and Bryan: “I have an idea….” And indeed, over the years Roger has continued to share ideas and be a big part of WOW films…from writing to producing to helping launch and show the films, including the latest Surfers and Cowboys movie. Roger says, “I consider myself a lifelong partner with Walking on Water, teaming up to share the gospel in creative ways.”

Roger’s big dreams and gift of story telling have opened doors all over the world. His first book, My Best Friend’s Funeral: a Memoir, chronicled his friendship with his best friend Tim, who also played a big role in some of the first WOW films. Roger is currently working with the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti, where they are building a hotel for the local people to run and church groups to visit and support.

Now we are so excited to share the news that Roger is currently launching his second book, We Stood Upon Stars. This book is a collection of travel essays which offer spiritual reflection, thoughtful insights, and hilarious story-telling. Each chapter also offers a hand-drawn map of a road-trip destination, which might inspire you to plan some trips with your own family. (Hint: Father’s Day is just around the corner.)

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