We all need an encourager in our life, someone who believes in us – maybe even more than us than we believe in ourselves. Poi has been one of those people to Bryan Jennings ever since they met at a showing of the Follow The Leader movie back in the early days of Walking on Water.

Poi was a new Christian then, and a surfer, which meant he felt an immediate connection with Bryan and the Walking on Water ministry. The two men quickly became a mutual encouragement to one another. Poi says that Bryan’s heart to obey and please God has always made a deep impression on him. Bryan says Poi’s gift of encouragement has blessed him. Poi always seems to reach out with a word of encouragement at just the right time.

When Poi and his family felt called to the mission field, they used the WOW films to share God’s love in many surfing communities. Working for a time as the director of Christian Surfers Tahiti, Poi sought opportunities to share God’s love with everyone he met. He found the WOW films to be an effective way to connect people’s passion for surfing with their need of a Savior.

After 8 years in Tahiti, Poi’s family felt called back to California last summer. A few short months after returning, Poi was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. By the time they found it, doctors said he shouldn’t even be alive. They told him he had one month to live at the most. Poi believed God told him that he was already healed. Poi determined then that this journey would be about using this trial to encourage others and grow in faith. Whether his healing was on this earth or in heaven, he chose to trust God.

It has been more than 4 months since Poi’s diagnoses, and though he has been through many highs and lows, today he is strong physically and spiritually. He continues to use every day and every breath to encourage others and glorify God. As the Walking on Water family, we want to support Poi and his family. Would you join with us in praying for them? We also hope you might visit his site and considering giving a financial gift to help his family through this challenging time.

To financially support Poi and his family during this time please mail a check made out to Lita Smith and mail to:
Poi & Lita Smith
C/O Hope Chapel
P.O. Box 548
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

To email an encouragement to Poi please email [email protected]



Written by Monica Swanson • monicaswanson.com