We are thrilled to welcome Pastor Paul Gates to Walking on Water as the new Director of Operations and Fundraising. Paul and Bryan have been long time friends, and after months of prayer and discussion, Paul is taking the leap of faith to work full time with WOW. With a heart for missions and evangelism, and a contagious gift of encouragement, Paul could not be a better fit.

Paul grew up on the mission field in the jungles of Papua New Guinea where his parents were Wycliffe missionaries. Paul’s gift of encouragement was passed down to him from his father, who he remembers always wanting to shine God’s light in a dark world.

At age 14, Paul led his best friend to the Lord, and there began his own passion to share Jesus with everyone he could. Paul later attended Biola University, where he got a degree in Non-profit Marketing and Bible. Paul and his wife are raising six kids, and love to share God’s love, speaking at churches, camps, conferences and more.

One of Paul’s favorite verses is John 10:10, where Jesus contrasts the will of the enemy with God’s will for his people. Whereas the enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy, God wills that his people would have life and have it abundantly. Paul has no greater joy than to share the gospel boldly and give everyone the chance to begin a relationship with Jesus. This is an abundant life!

We look forward to the work that God will do through Paul as he uses his gifts to serve. He will be raising funds to support his work at WOW. You can offer support by selecting “Paul Gates Monthly Support” from the designation options at walkingonwater.com/donate

Written by Monica Swanson  •  monicaswanson.com