Paul Cathey first met Bryan Jennings just over five years ago at a Calvary Chapel Missions Day. Paul told Bryan that he was preparing to move to Puerto Vallarta, and Bryan gave him several DVDs, and asked him to stay in touch. Shortly after they settled in Puerto Vallarta, Paul visited a small surf town called Sayulita, and developed a vision for showing the Walking on Water movie to that community. Literally, the next day Bryan contacted Paul to let him know that he was planning to do an outreach in a little town called Sayulita, and would he be interested in being involved! Paul says “I love it when you can see the Lord’s hand on something so clearly!”

Paul shares what happened after that: We began making more trips to Sayulita, handing out flyers, putting up posters, meeting people, and planning the event. Then the night of the event, Bryan arrived, the venue had been rented, the equipment set up, and people were beginning to show up. And then we were told to shut down by the local authorities because of the threat of swine flu that was going around! (Actually, any and all public events got cancelled throughout the country at that time.) We were bummed but wanted to be a good testimony to the town we were trying to reach, so we abided by the rules and cancelled the event.

To my amazement, Bryan and his crew contacted me shortly after that and asked if I was willing to give it another shot in 6 months! I couldn’t believe that the WOW team was willing to try again! SO we did! Six months later, we put on the event, and the next day Calvary Sayulita had our first Sunday service!

The movie gave us a great opportunity to present the Gospel and gain exposure from the community that we would have never gotten on our own. Now, five years later, there is an established Bible teaching Church, and a Christian Elementary School in Sayulita! We are a mixed group of locals, expats, and even a few surfers! Recently the Lord provided for us to buy a piece of land and now we are in the process of a building project for both the church and the school.

We praise God for the wonderful things He has done, and for the way He used WOW to help us get started. And we look forward with excitement to what the Lord is going to do in and through Calvary Sayulita!