We are excited and thankful to have Nelson Powell from Australia, interning with Walking on Water while he works on editing the Surfers and Cowboys movie. Bryan first met Nelson in 2013, when he and Derek Rabelo were in Australia attending the Stand Tall Event. The Powell family hosted Bryan and Derek, and they have stayed in touch ever since. Nearly a year ago Nelson was able to be a part of the WOW Kauai Leadership camp. That experience made a big impact on Nelson. He learned a lot and was inspired by the fellowship there. “I just loved experiencing being surrounded by like-minded Christians, and I realized what a difference that makes.”

When Nelson had the opportunity to spend this time in California to edit the Surfers and Cowboys movie, he was really excited. The transition was challenging, however, as Nelson experienced spiritual attacks through his transition. “I had severe anxiety, and it was targeting things that would make me feel like I needed to stay in Australia,” he said. “which I guess is because I had a lot of great work to do in California.” Nelson considered Mathew 10:38-39 as his theme for leaving everything behind and following God’s call to go to California.

Now that he is busy at work in California, Nelson is very happy, and experiencing God’s blessings for his obedience. Hoping to be done with at least the first draft of Surfers and Cowboys by May, Nelson is waiting on God to determine if his time there will be done, or if he might stay longer.

We can all pray for Nelson to have creativity and God’s help editing the movie just how God wants it to to be. And we can pray for many lives to be touched when the Surfers and Cowboys movie is completed.