We are reminded of how God uses so many people in our Walking On Water ministry when we hear the story of sisters, Izzy and Emily, who were a part of our WOW Surf Camps.  When their mother was going through cancer treatments, a friend gave them the Walking On Water DVD, and their entire life’s coursed changed as a result.

The DVD absolutely encouraged them, and also ignited a desire to learn to surf.

Izzi sought out a Christian surf camp on line, and when she saw the WOW surf camp, she knew she wanted to go.  The next summer, their mom had fully recovered from cancer, and Izzy was able to go to camp.   While there, she not only fell in love with surfing, but also made some amazing, godly friends that she is still very close to.  Izzi made it back to camp again the next year, and grew even closer to God.  “One thing in particular that I came to camp with, was a struggle with self-image.  I’d been listening to all the lies of our culture and I was buying into it…Then I got to camp and I looked around and realized that that we were all covered in sand and sea water and everyone looked absolutely stunning.”  “People thought I was beautiful and it had nothing to do with the way I looked, it had to do with the overflowing joy, love and peace that God had placed in me that week.”

Izzi’s sister Emily, who had not gone to camp the first year, heard all about it from her sister and simply and to go with her the next summer.  Emily loved learning to surf, but says that the highlight of the camp was learning so much about God and His will for her life while she was three.  “All of these amazing people who spoke at camp opened my eyes to new truths that I had never even thought of.  As the week progressed I knew that I needed to totally commit myself to Jesus.”  “It was at WOW surf camp that I realized God loved me as I was and he could take all of the sinful junk in my life and make me a new creation.  As I realized this, I decided that I wanted to get baptized.”  Emily says that because of the truths she learned at camp, she can fully live a life for Jesus.

Emily and Izzi have continued to grow in their faith since they have come back from WOW surf camps.  They have stayed in touch with new friends, and encourage anyone who would consider going to definitely go.

Izzi summarizes her feelings well:  “Getting to learn how to surf is like a really, really awesome bonus prize, because even though it’s called “surf camp,” this camp isn’t about surfing.  A the end of the day it’s all about God, and going  to this camp really gave me a better footing in my faith.”

This awesome story all began with a friend who shared a Walking On Water DVD.  You never know what God can do when you are faithful even in the small things.

Written by Monica Swanson