The Osborn family spent nine years in Guatemala as Missionaries. For the past eight years, they have been traveling down to El Zonte, El Salvador, each December to serve the small beach community. They have become friends of the local people, helped with a potable water project, and began hosting a Vacation Bible School many years ago. They have developed great relationships with the local people, who look forward to their return each year.

El Zonte has become a popular surf destination, and with that, it attracts people looking for the party lifestyle. Mandy Osborn says that they have seen a great need to reach not only the kids, but the entire community of El Zonte — from the families to the surfers. This last December, there was a great opportunity to do this as the mission trip was hosted by Walking on Water, and led by Kyle Lane. It was really exciting to show the Beyond Sight Film two evenings during the week. With 350 people seeing the film, many of the families from the VBS were there, which made the impact of VBS even greater. Mandy appreciated having three great kids on the mission team who had been connected through the WOW Surf Camps in California.

Mandy has loved watching God orchestrate events and people to reach the community of El Zonte. “It has been so exciting to just watch God work through relationships over the years.” Loving the kids through VBS and spending time with the families has been a way to show God’s love. Showing the Walking on Water films to the community has added another great tool to reach the entire community. Mandy looks forward to seeing God work in the community of El Zonte in the years to come.