We were blessed to have Lakey Peterson join us at the Walking On Water movie screening in Rio, Brazil.  Lakey is one of the top ten woman surfers in the world and was destined for greatness following in the footsteps of her mother who is a former Olympic swimmer.  Lakey was only twelve years old when she was crowned the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) Western States Champion for girls 14 and under. This was just the beginning of Lakey’s acknowledged skills.  Though sponsored by Nike, Smith and Channel islands this humble woman is made to inspire, encourage and love.  She first started her journey and passion for surf ministry when she heard about Walking on Water from Tom Curren.  The conversation about Walking on Water naturally lead to the introduction of Bryan Jennings. ” … there are not too many ministries in the surf world right now and the surf industry needs Jesus so bad!” says Lakey. This is true and this fact fuels Lakey to see change in the surf industry. Lakey shares that her heart for the young girls in the water is to empower them to continue in following their dreams and to make sure they are working towards those dreams for the right reason.  Lakey was not happy about her competitive performance in Brazil, but she knew that God still had a great plan for her while she was there.  Along with Tom Curren and Damien Hobgood she was one of our special guests at the Walking On Water movie night and the next day we all went surfing with Derek Rabelo and the favela kids.  There is more to surfing than contests and trophies, which Lakey fully experienced when she saw the smiles on the Favela kids faces.  We are proud to say that Lakey is a friend of the Walking On Water ministry.  Please be praying for her on the world tour of surfing.


WRITTEN BY:  Julie Nelson