Q:  How did you first learn about Walking on Water?  
As a middle schooler, surfing was my life, so my parents got me The Outsiders and Noah’s Arc movies. I’d watch them every night before going to bed just dreaming of surfing the next day.

Q:  What was the journey between being a WOW Fan and ending up on staff?
After watching the WOW movies as a grom about a million times, I worked one summer as a Counselor at the Walking On Water Surf Camps. I felt unqualified for that role, but saw God work in powerful ways. Then I felt really unqualified the next Summer when Bryan asked me (a fresh college grad who studied Business) to come take over the camps ministry for WOW. But again I saw God continue to work in powerful ways in the camp environment. Since coming on staff to run the camps ministry, I’ve fallen in love with the filmmaking side of the ministry as well. It has been amazing to work with and have made friends with a lot of the guys who made the movies that inspired me as a kid.

Q:  Most memorable moment with WOW?
My most memorable moment with WOW was definitely riding a bull during the filming of Surfers & Cowboys. That was one of the most intense moments of my life. We definitely had a lot of fun making that movie.

Q:  Tell us about your new role and how we can support or pray for you in that position?  
I’ve stepped into the role of Director of Operations for Walking On Water. Who would have thought my business degree would have come in handy after all? We’ve got clear direction on the ministry activities that we see God pushing us towards. But its been really healthy for us to first slow down, clarify our vision, and be very intentional to lay the groundwork for us to launch into this next season of ministry. It’s our same mission, with refreshed vision.

The best way for you to support me would be to gather your family and spend a couple minutes each week praying for Walking On Water: For the staff, for the films to be used by God, for the 2019 Summer Camps, and for the continued fundraising efforts. Finally, one very simple thing you can do is to connect Walking On Water with someone you think would love the heart and vision of the ministry.

Q:  A favorite verse or guiding principle for your life and ministry?
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5