Kieran Anderson is a professional surfer and a big wave charger. He learned about Walking on Water through his friend, Damien Hobgood, and this September Kieran got to be a part of the WOW mission trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. The group went over to work alongside Ronne Jones, a 30 year missionary to Puerto Escondido. Ronnie has a great soccer facility, which he uses to reach hundreds of up and coming soccer players for Christ. Of course the team had planned to surf on their trip, but when Kieran split his lip open and could not surf for the rest of the trip, he realized God had other plans for him.

Kieran felt that God was teaching him how to serve, how it is truly better to serve others than to serve yourself. He had an amazing experience, working alongside the WOW team, and getting to know the people of the community they were in.

As part of the trip, the WOW team planned to show the “Beyond Sight” movie on the beach, hoping for a crowd of 200. Over 450 people showed up, and the team saw God using the movie to inspire people and draw them to Himself. The other faith building experience the team experienced was being in Puerto Escondido when an earthquake hit. Helping the people, and witnessing the people help one another especially impressed Kieran.

Kieran’s life was impacted by his experience in Puerto Escondido. As he continues to surf waves all over the world, he will always remember that everything is better when serving comes first.


Written by Monica Swanson •