Jeremy Hebets has his first interaction with Walking On Water at age 17 when he attended the High School Surf Camp. “Before coming to the camp,” Jeremy shares, “I was at a turning point in my life. I was getting ready to graduate high school and was hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting involved in the party scene and experimenting with drugs. I was chasing after these things because of the void in my heart from the loss of my earthly father at a young age and a hard life after that. While at camp, my counselor shared with me his story of having a broken relationship with his earthly father and how God was able to change that and be his real Father. At that moment things started to really click for me. For the first time, I realized that the things I was chasing after were just doing damage and not bringing me any healing or freedom. I needed God in my life and Walking on Water played a crucial role in me coming to that understanding. From that point God has taken me on quite the journey. Now it is 12 years later and I am getting ready to graduate from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University with my Masters in Theology and an emphasis in Ministry, Leadership and Care and Counseling. I have also had the blessing, this past year of serving as the West Coast ASP Chaplain and the Hawaii and West Coast Regional Coach for Christian Surfers. It is amazing to see God come full circle using surfers to impact my life and show me who God is and now God has blessed me with the opportunity to do the same with all those He has placed in front of me.

I believe in what Walking On Water is doing for two reasons. The first is, I am a walking testimony of what can happen when being a part of the camp-you can’t help but leave there changed. Second, because Walking On Water is creating opportunities for the youth of today who are being bombarded by a broken society, broken families and lies that look so appetizing, trying to fill their hearts with everything that WONT fulfill their hearts. Walking On Water is not only showing who God is by their actions and deeds but they are teaching the youth what needs to be at the center of their hearts, Jesus Christ. If you are feeling a stirring for someone you know that could benefit from this camp, please move on it because I am so thankful that my family did! God moves in incredible ways.”