Walking on Water’s summer surf camps were fruitful in many ways. Besides the incredible fun and growth the campers experienced, this summer was also all about growth among leaders. Jenayl Peters was one leader whose life was forever impacted because of her work at the WOW camps.

Jenayl’s personal story had already been deeply impacted by her walk with God, and surfing. She remembers watching the WOW films from a young age, and after years of struggling with eating disorders and time spent with therapists, surfing was the vehicle God used to truly set her free. Through surfing, Jenayl began to see her body as a gift, and that motivated her to take care of her body. Freedom came through time in the water, as she experienced God’s presence.

Jenayl went to Sand Diego State University, and found many opportunities for travel and sponsorship through surfing. Following college, Jenayl found herself at a crossroad, and it was an invitation from Conor Beatty that brought Jenayl to be a leader at the summer WOW camps. This experience further confirmed Jenayl’s desire to serve God through surfing. She connected with the girls immediately, and desired to pour into their lives. By the end of the summer, God opened up doors so that Jenayl could to go to Scotland with the WOW team. While there, God again showed Himself faithful as He used her and the other girls, and also showered them with His love. Jenayl shares “We learned together how God wants to strip away the things that have defined us, and He wants us to be defined by Him. He has shown us so much love. Even when we haven’t been able to surf, God has shown us that He can be our surfboard—He has greater plans for us than what we could imagine. He loves us more than the ocean.” Jenayl has returned from her adventure filled up and inspired for the next chapter in her life. Her heart’s desire is to use her personal story and God’s gift of surfing to encourage and inspire other young women. We are certain she will!