I was a part time youth coordinator who was struggling to figure what exactly I was to do in my new roll.  I knew that we needed something to heat up our dwindling number of core youth students.  I had seen a few of the Walking on Water movies and knew what they were about.  A friend of mine turned me on to their newest movie “Beyond Sight.”  I checked out the trailer and I was hooked, unfortunately I was the only one excited about this.   I pitched the idea to the Pastor and some of the students and their parents.  I was told we did not have a budget for this kind of event, that something like this had never been done before and good luck getting people to pay for this. A month later I sat on the couch with no available date, no band, no budget and I was not exactly “heating up the core” like I had hoped. My wife came in and said “If you feel that strongly about this event put it together we will find a way to donate the money.” What you don’t know is that I had been laid off from my job the month before and my wife had just given birth to our second child.  Not exactly the time to be spending money on a surf movie. Literally the next day I opened up my email to find out that one of the bands I had contacted was in.  The following week was a blur. Not only did we have a band, and a solid date, we had several businesses wanting to donate prizes including Billabong that donated over $1000 in gear.  Three months later our show came together with not one but, 2 bands, and 6 different sponsors.

The results were amazing:

350 people attend the screening

Out of the 350 people 200 were not our regular attendees

50-75 indicated that they did not have a church home or had not been in Church in the last 3 years.

The very next day we saw 5 new families attend our Church.